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2019 Property Tax First Installment Due: January 31, 2020

Tax bills are prepared in December for the respective year. Please be sure to pay 2019 taxes to your Local Municipal Treasurer (Town, Village, or City) through the January 31 due date, and double-check that the payment is for the proper amount. Mailing instructions are on your tax bill.

Please do not wait until the last days to pay in case there are any problems that can be reconciled before the due date. The cost of going delinquent is severe. Specifically, the entire tax bill comes due immediately with interest and penalty charges of 1.5 percent unpaid principal per month as of February 1.

If you have a question about your tax bill, please contact your local municipal treasurer. Contact information for your municipal treasurer can be found in the Official Dane County Directory.

The Dane County Treasurer’s Office can only accept payments for delinquent taxes (those for 2018 and prior) during the months of December and January. If you have delinquent taxes during this time, there are three ways to pay:

1. Pay by mail with a check payable to…

  • Dane County Treasurer
  • PO Box 1299
  • Madison, WI 53701-1299

2. Pay in person at the City-County Building

  • 210 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Rm 114
  • Madison, WI 53703
  • 7:45-4:30 Monday – Friday

3. Pay On-line with a credit card or e-check. Please note that there are additional charges if you pay electronically.

Additional property information is available on AccessDane.

For specific tax questions, please contact the Treasurer's Office at and we will further assist you.

Important: In accordance with state statutes, the Treasurer’s Office relies on USPS postmark to determine if a payment is paid on time. The cost of going delinquent is severe in that the entire tax bill comes due immediately with interest and penalty charges of 1.5 percent unpaid principal per month as of February 1.

Chapters 59, 74, and 75 of the Wisconsin Statutes establish the duties and responsibilities of the County Treasurer. These include receiving all monies belonging to the County, disbursing funds on the order of the County Executive and the County Board, keeping true and accurate account of the receipt and expenditure of funds processed by the Treasurer's office and providing the State Treasurer, Department of Revenue and other agencies with required statements and reports.

Thank you,
Adam Gallagher